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They were supposed to come out inbut obviously that didn't happen. The company says it's the first TV backlight with "the driving semi-conductor circuitry and tens of thousands of micro-meter class mini-LEDs directly infused in a crystal-clear glass substrate. It's not clear what TV models will use Viridian, though, or when our eyeballs will be able to appreciate it in our living rooms. Follow all the latest news from CES here! Buyer's Guide. Log in. Sign up. Indie RPG 'Indivisible' won't get any more updates after studio closure.

Google may turn YouTube into a shopping destination. Roku brings its streaming channel to Amazon's Fire TV devices. CES Everything you need to know from the world's biggest tech show. See all articles. Latest in Gear. Image credit:.

Sponsored Links. In this article: 8kavcesgearmini ledrokuTCLvidrian. All products recommended by Engadget are selected by our editorial team, independent of our parent company. Some of our stories include affiliate links.

If you buy something through one of these links, we may earn an affiliate commission. Razer's first gaming chair improves your posture.TCL has been a value favorite of ours among TV brands, regularly showing up on our list of the best TVsand there's more to come this year, with new premium 8K and 4K models on the way and top-of-the-line features coming to popular budget-friendly 4K smart TVs.

TCL has only formally announced one of its TV coming inbut early details have already been confirmed about other major products getting updated in the spring. InTCL is poised to make serious waves in the premium space, following up s impressive 8-Series Roku TV with an even better 8K model, more refined and innovative backlight technology, and more premium features on affordable sets.

The result is improved backlighting, slimmer and sturdier overall construction, and better backlight control for deeper black levels, brighter brights, and less haloing than other sets with local dimming. While the tight control offered by miniLED means that one light can illuminate a small cluster of pixels, instead of the several square inches lit up by standard local dimming techniques, it only looked its best when viewed head-on.

When seen from an angle, the tightly controlled backlight no longer lined up properly with the LCD panel, resulting in a parallax error that introduced all sorts of unwanted halos. The new Vidrian panel lets the manufacturer place the mini-LED backlight closer to the LCD panel, minimizing the gap between and reducing this parallax error to the point that I wasn't able to see it on the demo unit.

It pairs that new mini-LED backlight technology with a QLED panel, delivering great brightness and vibrant colors to go with the high contrast and tight backlight. Quantum dot LED uses nano-scale light emissive crystals to offer better color and brightness, and while it's best known for appearing on Samsung's premium QLED TVs, the technology has also shown up in sets from other brands in the last year.

TCL only had a inch model to show at CES, but company reps have said that it will also be available in larger sizes when it launches later this year. When asked about pricing, TCL simply said that they aimed to keep prices in line with "the reputation for value" that other TCL models have established. We haven't gotten confirmation that Vidrian will be making its way to the 4K 8-Series model yet, but we'll update this story when we know one way or the other.

We would expect any new models to come in similar size and price options. The TCL 6-Series Roku TV is a long time favorite, frequently showing up on our list of the best TVs thanks to the high performance and premium features offered on the mid-range TV, and the excellent value it offers.

The 6-Series steps up the overall quality of this excellent TV with new technologies that only improve the value of the set. The 6-Series is also one of the only Roku TVs on the market to feature a microphone built into the remote control, making voice interaction even easier. TCL's more affordable 5-Series Roku TV is also getting a big update, and plenty of features once relegated to premium sets.

The biggest improvement is the addition of QLED technology, bringing the same brightness and color enhancing capability to the ultra affordable 5-Series line that was seen last year in the 6-Series. The first is HDMI 2. The new standard will allow such features as enhanced Audio Return Channel eARC with uncompressed audio formats and gaming with variable refresh rates that match the TV's refresh rate to the game console's output frame-by-frame to eliminate tearing and judder.

With the recent addition of HDMI 2. These features let the TV seamlessly switch to game mode whenever the console is activated, and to eliminate screen tearing with frame synchronization technology similar to AMD FreeSync or Nvidia G-Sync. Those features will make for better gaming on any TV, but THX goes above and beyond with this certification, testing certified TVs along several points, and ensuring that they meet specific criteria for an even better gaming experience. Among the criteria are standards for everything from color quality and refresh rates to rise time, which looks at how quickly the TV can handle dark-to-light transitions, essential for fast-paced games.

However, new forthe latest members of the 3-Series line use Android TV instead of the mainstay Roku platform. Like other Android TVs, however, the Android-based 3-Series models offer a few things that TCL's Roku sets don't, such as a built-in Google Chromecast for easy content sharing from mobile devices and laptops, and the full app selection offered through the Google Play Store.

As we learn more in the coming weeks and months, we'll update this story to reflect the latest announcements and confirmed details, so check back regularly to stay up to date on all the latest TCL TV news. Tom's Guide. Image credit: Future It pairs that new mini-LED backlight technology with a QLED panel, delivering great brightness and vibrant colors to go with the high contrast and tight backlight.

Topics TV. See all comments 0. No comments yet Comment from the forums.While we don't have a price for this 8KTV just yet, it'll be in line with the company's pricing history. At the starting size of 75 inches, it's a sight to behold. The result? Deeper blacks, more vibrant colors and, most importantly, better viewing angles. The latter is something we noticed wasn't exactly perfect on last year's TCL televisions and it's good to see that the company is addressing the issue.

With a price expected to be lower than the competition TCL didn't hint at anything but 'in line with what you'd expect from us'the company has the power to move more people to the 8K resolution than most manufacturers.

It's the No. But it's going to face the same problem as the high-end TV companies: there's very little 8K content out there. It has a theater-level soundbar from Onkyo with Dolby Atmos, which may mean you won't need a separate soundbar solution.

Yet it'll remain simplistic design, says TCL, with its thinnest point being It's one of the thinnest inch directly backlit products in the industry, reducing optical distance to 4mm. It's clean-looking, intuitive, and supports a wide variety of apps.

It's supposed to know which team you're following when you command it to "turn on the football game. This set starts at 75 inches and will go up, according to the affordable TV manufacturer.

TCL 6 Series 65\

But we've only seen the inch version in action so far. Why so big for the 8-Series? You're not likely to see the benefit of 8K without stretching the screen to huge sizes. On the one hand, TCL consistently offers the best value among 4K sets right now. Okay, maybe 8K content isn't going to go mainstream this year, but this QLED at the expected reasonable price could push 4KTV early adopters to max out to the latest TV resolution, or p holdouts to finally upgrade.

It'll break new ground. From the show floor, we noticed that its use of mini LEDs thinned out the TV itself, while the picture looked better than ever at 75 inches. Hands on reviews' are a journalist's first impressions of a piece of kit based on spending some time with it. It may be just a few moments, or a few hours. The important thing is we have been able to play with it ourselves and can give you some sense of what it's like to use, even if it's only an embryonic view.

For more information, see TechRadar's Reviews Guarantee. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. Home Reviews Televisions. For Expect a great price Against Price likely to creep up Make room for 75 inches or bigger. What is a hands on review?We invite you to explore our latest technology and see how we plan to elevate your entertainment experience even further.

From 8K clarity, revolutionary Mini-LED technology, all-new smartphones, and cutting-edge gaming performance, we want you to enjoy more. More pixels means more image clarity. Closer to reality at any distance, and especially engaging at the biggest TV screen sizes.

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Because of our belief in the future growth of 8K display technology, TCL has joined with other display industry leaders through the 8K Association to develop a new 8K Association Certified program. And with support for the latest HDMI standards and on-board 8K decoding, these 8K TVs will be ready for future 8K content as new game consoles and streaming services come to the market this year. This fusion of light and glass minimizes the filters between the backlight and LCD, allowing this Mini-LED technology to produce unrestrained illumination for powerfully bright and precise contrast as well as greater clarity.

Vidrian makes more brilliant luminance possible, and it uses true innovation to deliver the simple joy of powerful picture performance. Gamers have spoken, and TCL listened. That same variable refresh rate technology is also coming to select high-performance TVs later this year.

You'll also gain a competitive edge with the most optimal viewing experience possible; never miss the action due to image smear, response time, or input lag, and enjoy the game as it was intended by the creators. TCL is a leader in display technology, having secured its position as the No.

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Now, with the launch of TCL mobile devices, we're bringing our display expertise to a mobile form factor. With NXTVISION, you'll be able to see your screen come to life with enriched color, clarity and contrast, enhanced in real-time along with an elevated camera experience. TCL has already demonstrated that we can provide sound performance that exceeds anything in similar price bands.

InTCL will focus on the trends that matter most to consumers. That's why we're introducing a selection of True Wireless headphones. Available in SOCL and ACTV models, these headphones feature a true wireless design that eliminates the hassle of cords and keeps you focused solely on your music.

tcl 8k

And because it's optimized for Roku TV, we're once again bringing simplicity to the the home theater through the thoughtful use of technology, allowing you to simply enjoy more.

Home CES Learn More.Stunning 8K Picture.

tcl 8k

Make every pixel count. Explore 8K. A Quantum Leap in Display. Welcome to TV of the future.

TCL X915 8K QLED TV brings IMAX experience to homes

LED has been revolutionized, with the addition of billions of Quantum Dot nanocrystals. Deeper Tones with Local Dimming. Engineered to increase contrast ratio, for a better, more rounded images. Hundreds of localized areas are precisely dimmed, for deeper, more stunning dark display. Blacks appear more black, and contrast is more emphatic. Local Dimming helps create the perfect depth of image, making movies, TV, and gaming more immersive.

tcl 8k

Dramatic Dolby Vision. Bring cinematic visuals home with Dolby Vision technology. Dolby Vision enhances the appearance of Dolby exclusive content, displaying a greater number of colors, increasing contrast, and boosting brightness levels.

Hands-Free Voice Control. Say It, see It… with far-field voice control you can lose the remote forever. Smart Home Interconnectivity. Welcome to the home of tomorrow. The Latest Android OS. Enjoy TV, music, movies, games, and more on-demand — entertainment essentials come pre-installed, plus download more via the Google Play Store. Further updates will be available as new firmware is released.

Android Gaming. Discover a new way to play Android Games on your phone, tablet, or TV. Start at home, then continue while on the go — Google Play tracks your progress so you can play anytime, anywhere. TCL TV provides unlimited movies, TV series, variety shows, cartoons and sports resources for you to enjoy non-stopped entertainment with your beloved family.

Download and Discover. Access all your favorite Apps and evolve your entertainment — from Netflix, to YouTube, and much, much more. Leading display requires an audio equal.The 8-Series is the world's first TV with Mini-LED technology which yields precise control of brilliantly bright and deeply dark areas of the image, delivering depth, dimension, and contrast.

Hands on: TCL 8-Series 8K QLED Roku TV review

The 8-Series features Quantum Dot technology for even more realistic colors and performance closer to the limits of human vision. Dolby Vision adds greater brightness and contrast, as well as a full palette of rich colors.

Your movies, TV shows, and games, will come alive with breathtaking realism thanks to Dolby Atmos cinema surround sound. Details remain visible in any environment — from the darkest home theater to the brightest sun-lit living rooms. With Quantum Contrast, 8-Series produces brilliant whites shining next to deep blacks.

This technology also yields improved total TV brightness, a substantial increase in Contrast Control Zones, smoother and improved even light distribution throughout the screen, enhanced uniform reproduction of color across the screen, wider viewing angles, and a slimmer design. Quantum Contrast is made of approximately 1, control zones — more zones than some of the highest-performance TVs in the market. Not only does the 8-Series deliver excellent dark room viewing, but Quantum Contrast ensures delivery of enhanced black-level performance and outstanding bright room viewing.

Every video frame is carefully monitored and referenced to an AI curated library of high-quality video content to ensure delivery of maximum color accuracy and dynamic impact. Improved clarity and sharpness of lower-resolution video is optimized using a unique machine-learning process that corrects the errors commonly introduced in less advanced 2-dimensional resolution enhancement technologies. Contrast Control Zone performance is optimized to enhance the dramatic, sharp transitions between the brightest whites and darkest blacks, while still minimizing unwanted halo effects.

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A clean, contemporary design is made possible with TCL's FullView edge-to-edge glass display that blends seamlessly into your viewing experience. A slim profile, dark finish, and distinctive t-pedestal stand lend additional style and sophistication to your home theater. No more flipping through inputs or wading through complicated menus. All your favorites are at your fingertips from the instant you turn it on. Choose from thousands of streaming channels plus live sports, news, music, kids and family, food, science and tech, fitness, foreign language, and so much more.

The best way to watch all of your favorite content — whether you stream it, pay for a cable or satellite subscription, or use the built-in tuner to enjoy free over-the-air channels — the TCL Roku TV makes it easy to enjoy it all. Turn your smartphone or tablet into a convenient streaming companion. Use it as a remote, plug in headphones for private listening, search with your voice or keyboard, and turn your phone into your very own entertainment guide.

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TCL 2020 TVs: 8K Mini-LED, 4K QLED and more

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